Black Forest

Tech Investment Symposium

12 & 13th September 2019 

Gutach, Germany

Hosted at a Private Estate in Gutach


Smart Cities, LogTech, Digital Assets,

Renewable Energy, Impact Investing, Blockchain Technology


Sebastian Blum -

Co-founder & Partner,

Greenfield One

"Attended The Black Forest Tech Investment Symposium and it was an incredible crowd Amour gathered together in a fabulous setting to make lasting connections. I would always endorse her. Her network is strong and real!!!"

Christopher Mbanefo -



"The Black Forest Investment Summit was one of the best conceived and executed investment gathering I've attended. The selection of attendees was of course prime, but the size and choice of venue contributed to an enabling environment that facilitated exchange of ideas and bridging usual formalities, enabling participants to part with new friendships. My highest respect and thanks go to Amour, who set this spark into reality!"

Markus Otto -

Managing Partner,


"For over 25 years, I have been attending conferences with a wide variety of orientations. Technology meets Money is an interesting combination. Technology is complex. Fast moving. Technologists often think in terms of opportunities. Investors, on the other hand, are like shy deers. Restrained. Often thinking in terms of risks. Amour Setter has this talent to bring these people together. She has a brilliant network. She is listening patiently. She is understanding fast. And on top of that, she is great in organizing. So everything goes right in the few moments of encounters. I am glad to have experienced Amour when I was recently one of the moderators and can only highly recommend her and her capabilities."

Leslie Maliepaard -



"Amour went beyond imaginable limits to coordinate and plan the beautiful and intimate 'Black Forest Tech Symposium' in such an incredible space. Self-driven, laser focus, energy and passion is her recipe for bringing investors and opportunities together. She also has a great understanding of how to deliver quality and relevant content to her audience. I highly recommend her as an event organiser, presenter, dot-connector, networker and world-class human being!"