We're passionate about bringing people together and growing long-term relationships. We understand that solid relationships are founded on mutual respect, trust & a deep understanding of one another's pain points.

With more than 35 years in business and an extensive network of investors (including family offices and HNWIs), we understand how to bring people together. 

We are focused on connecting investors with relevant opportunities in the tech space through events, conferences and personal introductions.

We recently created a division in the company for incubating promising early-stage startups in emerging markets. By investing our expertise, leadership and mentorship, we are helping young founders to grow and eventually accelerate their companies.

Shaking Hands



Founder & CEO

Amour has worked cross-culturally in several verticals in regions like Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, USA and Europe, having held various international senior executive management positions in a number of companies worldwide. She has experience in chairing & producing tech investment conferences & private events in Europe and has an extensive investor network worldwide.  She is also a LinkedIn Influencer with 16k+ followers.








July 2018

Contracted to supply several hundred qualified investors to the event & handle Sponsorship sales

August 2018

Contracted to supply qualfiied investors to the event in Los Angeles, USA

October 2018

Investor Relations - taking care of all the investors we had invited as VIP guests

October 2018

Produced a Private Investor Dinner for 50 qualified investors sponsored by BFCL Coin

October 2018

Invited 80 qualified Investors to a private dinner in Malta sponsored by our client, Blue Ocean Ventures (1st tokenized MedTech VC Fund)

April 2019

Our inaugural investor summit in Switzerland focused on technology investment

June 2019

Investment Summit held in Moscow focused on technology investment

March - April 2020

European Live & Online Presentations for Accredited & Institutional Investors

September 2019

Tech Investment Symposium - 1st Edition

Gutach, Germany


September 2020

Tech Investment Symposium - 2nd Edition

Munich, Germany

9 & 10 September 2020

Tech Investment Symposium - 1st Edition

Zagreb, Croatia



“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you one more time for the great event you and your team organized and realized in the beautiful Baur-au-Lac in Zurich. I have very seldom learned so much in such a short time.

It goes without saying that the topics are of great interest as digitalization and everything around this world is having more and more an impact on our daily life. I will share some of the information with my colleagues and friends as I believe it will affect us all.”.”

Paul A. Schuetz - Edrofin Asset Management AG (Family Office, Switzerland)

"As an international firm producing high-end software for businesses, governments and family offices, in sponsoring any event it is critical that we reach the right audience in the most effective way. At Kukhula-Tech's Investment Summit in Zurich, the team clearly showed they have the necessary experience, know-how, sensitivity and network to bring together highly selective investors and hand-picked opportunities in an open, intimate and exceptionally positive atmosphere."

Luis d'Almeida, Co-Founder & CFO - Privus (Event Gold Sponsor)

The Black Forest Investment Summit was one of the best conceived and executed investment gatherings I've ever attended. The selection of attendees was of course prime, but the size and choice of venue contributed to an enabling environment that facilitated the exchange of ideas and bridging usual formalities, enabling participants to part with new friendships.

My highest respect and thanks go to Amour, who set this spark into reality!"

Christopher Mbanefo - Founder, OXI ZEN PROGRAM (Switzerland)



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